Gulab Pash Ink Blue Banarasi Handwoven LehengaWWS336

  • ₹2,75,100


Gulab Pash, nurtured in tenderness, blossoming in pink of the petals, spreading her fragrance of love, she intoxicates in mystical ways. From Ab-i-Pashan in land of Persia to Id-i-Gulabi in the courts of Shahjahan and Akbar to memoirs of Jahangir’s Majlis-i-Gulab Pashi, she consummates both the cultures with the hypnosia of Golab. A garden blooms with velvet petals and romantic rosettes. She takes us on a hypnosia in the bulbous body of a winged apsara with its volatile touch. Daryā-e Nūr invokes the nostalgia of empires of antiquity.

This ink blue Lehenga with Indian Pink enamel comes with a leher shahteer design kora tussar dupatta with brocade borders and self brocade blouse piece with stitching inclusive. The blouse style can be personalised and made to measure. The embroidered blouse on the model can be bought separately and made to measure.

Care Instructions

Dry Clean only.
Iron at minimum temperature.
Keep in a lehenga cover or folded in muslin or cotton and refold regularly to allow the natural yarn to breathe.
Lighter fabrics like Organza, Kora Silk, Tissue Silk should be kept on rolls.
We recommend you avoid use of perfume directly on fabric.


Variations in yarn, weave and colour with occasional fiber migration are unique and intrinsic to this handwoven luxury textile. This is a delicate textile and requires care during use, handling and storage. Kindly Note: The original colour may vary slightly due to your device screen settings or photography.

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