Avestan Brocade Banarasi JacketMW29


Brocade, a golden artistry with bold and sheer opulence favoured by royalty across cultures through the silk route.

Khinkhwab Brocade Jacket, Soft Silk Kurta with fruit inspired motifs, Trousers in Bronzed Twilled Tissue, Avestan is a beautiful amalgam of artistry and culture pronouncing an intimate relationship from thread to couture.

Care Instructions

Dry Clean only.
Iron at minimum temperature.
Keep in a Suiter or jacket cover or folded in muslin or cotton and refold regularly to allow the natural yarn to breathe.
We recommend you avoid use of perfume directly on fabric.


Variations in yarn, weave and colour with occasional fiber migration are unique and intrinsic to this handwoven luxury textile. This is a delicate textile that is handstitched and requires care during use, handling and storage. Kindly Note: The original colour may vary slightly due to your device screen settings or photography.

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