A beautiful world , full of yards of soft flowing silks; in hues of vibrant colours, attractive motifs, charming weaves, coaxing me to explore the Song inside me.
A musician at heart I could hear in every yarn of "Warp 'n Weft" a Sur....a Shruti.....a Laya....a lilting melody wanting to sing...!

I could feast my eyes on the intricate designs and soothing colours. Soon the physical form of the caressing fabrics got translated into my feelings. mind translated these inexplicit thoughts into the explicit word....
........the word which encapsulated the layers of emotions when soaked in the sublime 'Sur' !
.......a Song was born!

The Sur, the Laya, the lyrics all interplay with each other like the dancing patterns, the brilliant colours and motifs of the "Warp 'n Weft" of the fabric.

When the Sur and the Laya improvise beautifully and spontaneously with each other; prancing with the lyrics impulsively, "Warp 'n Weft" becomes a song an emotional "Anubhooti”!

- Geetika Varde Qureshi