Kabiri in Banaras

Posted on 06-Apr-2017 by Sagrika Rai
Kabiri in Banaras

The city remembered for it's great poets, philosophers, religious and spiritual leaders was the seat of Hindustani classical music. The Banaras school of music even today is regarded and respected as the cauldron of creativity.

Grammy award winner Prakash Sontakke brings alive the emotion of Banaras - A Future from the Past in this beautiful album Warp 'n Weft of Banaras along with other Indian artists using real sounds from the temples, ghats and the handloom work spaces of one of the world's most sacred and touristic city. The music has strong impressions of the traditional Shehnai, Sitar and Sarangi. Also, modern elements of Spanish Guitar and Slide Guitars reflecting the colourful nuances of Banaras and the sensory elements associated with the temple town of Kashi Vishwanath.

Close your eyes and get transported to The Sounds of Banaras.



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