Warp 'n Weft Bridal Banarasi 2019

A showcase of irresistible simplicity and elegance in handweave.

Personalise your Bridal Story with Warp 'n Weft Heirloom!

Warp 'n Weft Bridal Lehengas & Sarees speak volumes of the artisanal handwoven essence of Banarasi Silk Brocade. Floral clusters and twines, Paisleys and Checks, on one hand these build nostalgia of the Byzantine designs and on the other hand emanate the modernism of the golden metallic exuberance of the Urban Bride. Warp ‘n Weft Bridal enjoys the focus on the warmth and richness of Indian heirloom. Many yarns in sync, a story that is flirtatious, a narrative of one vision put together by many skilful fingers. The collection evokes grandeur and heritance quintessential to a North Indian to a South Indian bride, Punjabi to a Gujarati bride, Kashmiri to a Kerala bride, ceremonial to a conversational bride. Sagrika Rai makes her case once again with romanticism in the weaving detail and glamour pronounced from textile to silhouette, from lehengas to sarees in this new heritage collection.