About Us

Elegance In Weave

Founded in October 1997, Warp ‘n Weft is a universe of indigenous hand weaves of Banaras. Rated by CNN in 2012 as Mumbai’s edit for Best Banarasi Saris and invited by the Indian High Commission to London, UK in 2016 to showcase the resplendent signature weaves, Warp ‘n Weft stands tall as an institution and continues to celebrate the Banaras royalty weave and the lineage of the master craftsmen for over two decades.

The Warp 'n Weft Vision, Intertwined Aspirations, Ingenious Weavers, Master weaves, Traditional Inspiration make the W'nW constuction beautiful beyond bounds and reminiscent of Indian culture.

In the heart of South Mumbai, the brand enjoys a repertoire of Banarasi Saris, Lahengas, Odhnis, Dupattas & Fabrics that embody the essence of Newness inTimelessness.

Sethna Building, Ground Floor, 55 M K Road, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400002