There’s nothing more sensuous and resplendent as a Banarasi. Marrying textile heritage with unabashed glamour, a Banarasi is a classic.

Sagrika Rai, Warp ‘n Weft

Founded by Sagrika Rai in 1997, Warp ‘n Weft shares the magic of an Illustrious lineage of handloom artistry from Banaras with the world. A repository of cultural heritage, Warp ‘n Weft is an immersion into the finest artisanal handwoven luxury from Banaras. We create contemporary heirlooms for the discerning. Slow Luxury.

Deeply rooted in tradition and grandeur, with its own design ethos, savoir-faire and innovation, Warp ‘n Weft celebrates the versatility of textiles and enthralls with weaves inspired from nature, culture and history.

Today, Warp ‘n Weft is the world's premiere house of luxury Banarasis. With this strong textile legacy, our pieces are distinctive in their unique use of traditional handloom. We take great pride in nurturing longstanding craftsmanship techniques from India -- archiving and using the age-old technology of dyeing, patterning, spinning, graphing, looming and weaving -- and love to do it in a way we know best - by hand. At Warp ‘n Weft we have been working intimately for over two decades with master weavers and the indigenous skill of handloom.

Our creations retail from our flagship boutique in Mumbai, on our e-atelier and select multi-retail stores across the world. At Warp ‘n Weft our signature weaves include Shikargahs, Rangkats, Guldavaris, Gyasar, Khinkhwabs, Jamdanis, Ektaras among others. From sarees, bridal lehengas, odhnis, dupattas, fabrics and bespoke couture made-to-order, on katan or pure mulberry silk and chiffon silk to kora and tissue silk and muslin, we are a treasure trove of Banaras weaves.

Our Founder and Creative Director, Sagrika Rai, sums it up best, “We believe in the significance of the fine and the few, and the artistry of handloom. At Warp ‘n Weft, each textile is a piece of woven history. Warp ‘n Weft is sheer elegance and emotion on a weave.”

Sagrika Rai, was awarded the New Indian Express Devi Award by Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath in 2019, for the “Conservation and sustainability of Banaras handloom with continued employment to artisans for over two decades and taking Banaras beyond Banaras.”

Rated by CNN in 2012 as “Mumbai’s Edit for Best Banarasi Saris” and invited by the Indian High Commission to London, UK in 2016 to showcase the resplendent signature weaves, Warp ‘n Weft stands tall as an institution and continues to celebrate the Banaras weaves and the lineage of the master craftsmen for over two decades.


The Banarasi is a fabric of provenance. It’s wearing your textile heritage on your sleeve.

Sagrika Rai, Warp ‘n Weft

A believer in slow, discreet luxury, Sagrika Rai is a pioneer of high artisanal handloom weaves from Banaras. Driven by an entrepreneurial desire, the brand began by conceiving and creating contemporary textiles and sarees with a nod to age-old design, for a highly discerning cognoscenti. She nurtures the traditional crafts of India, pushing boundaries of textile innovation and weaving magic on the finest looms. Sagrika has been time and again been referred to as, “The First Lady of the Banarasi.”

Born in Banaras, Sagrika grew up in a spiritual milieu and in the lap of a rich, cross-cultural and vibrant Banarasi ethos. A Statistics major, with an undying reverence for the textile history, she launched one of the first independent boutique Banarasi textile stores in the heritage district of Mumbai in 1997. Working with the cream of weavers she aspires to create a relevant design vocabulary in her atelier outside Banaras. Each weave has been conserved and is a tribute to the enduring legacy of Banaras, its rich history and cross-cultural finesse.

Spiritual, a multi-multi tasker, she nurtures creations of pure joy. Sagrika dreams in Banaras. The Banarasi is de rigueur for her and her textiles are pure artistry, aristocracy and a passion play for her.